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Submitted by acecilia on Fri, 07/15/2022 - 04:43

In current practice, there is no distinct and reliable way to accurately detect the lack of a pulse in a patient. There are many solutions that measure tangential metrics to the pulse, but each has its own downfalls that can lead to negative patient outcomes. Our team desires to find a way to address care teams' lack of critical hemodynamic information during in-hospital SCA while making decisions in high-stress/pressure environments that could mean life or death for patients. In order to achieve this, we decided to reconfigure an ultrasound vascular doppler pen with an audio output into a continuously monitoring doppler cuff with a visual waveform output. This will allow clinicians to have a much more accurate understanding of the heart's mechanical status. 

Student team
Tan Kieu
Michael Mosqueda
Eugene Sebert
Tom Zimet
Mentoring team
D. Dominic Lusk, MD (Emergency Medicine)
Per Reinhall, PhD (ME, ISE)
Continuing project